MEA/emPower Testing Resources


Web based Practice Tests OPEN at

  • Math User Name = MaineMath / Password = practice

  • Reading User Name = MaineReading / Password = practice


Reading Session 1 and 2 (about 50 min. each)

Math Session 1 and 2 (about 50 min. each)

Writing/Language Sessions 1 and 2 (about 35 min. each)

Reading #3 + Extended Writing (essay) (about 85 mins.)


MAMS MEA Math/ELA Testing Schedule
Click HERE to download the entire testing schedule in one .pdf document.

Day One
March 28, 2016
Day Two
March 29, 2016
Day Three
March 31, 2016
Day One
 April 1, 2016  

*Because all MEA tests are required to be completed in the same day they are started, we have created a "Completion Room" to meet this need.  The Learning Commons 2 (rm. 2646 - Ryan's office)  will be a staffed "Completion Room" available for students who have not finished their test within the allotted time.  Students should be sent there at the end of the test session that they are still working on - they will not participate in the break.  They should  be told to click PAUSE and go to the completion room directly. that They are not to discuss the test with anyone (in adherence to strict security protocols outlined by the MEA folks).  Please note:  all proctors will be provided with specific passes to the Completion Room for those students.  Please be sure to complete it fully (noting test to be completed, etc).
*Students who are sent to the Completion room to finish a test during session 1 may need to remain there to take the next test if session 2 has already begun.  
*Any students arriving late to school will go to the completion room to take the test.
*Small Group proctors will need to remain with their students until they have completed the test due to the need to meet accommodations and complete the test in one day.  Below is a list of all small group proctors for your information.  As a result of this requirement please anticipate some scheduling dilemmas.
*Students may be absent from or arriving late to Exploratory classes if they are in the Completion Room.  All students who are not in their Exploratory classes should be marked absent.
*The Learning Commons classes will take place according to the altered schedule for the week.  While the Learning Commons will remain open during testing, there may not be full staff there, so be mindful of that before sending students there.
*Any technical difficulties, call Bethany and she will contact support for you.
*If the exam freezes on a student laptop, simply turn the laptop off and turn it back on again to continue testing.
*Students should be given pencils and scrap paper for use during the test.  Pencils can be obtained from the main office.  REMEMBER, you are to collect the scrap paper at the end of each test session and dispose of it.
*Any requests for students to be opted out of the test should be referred to Josh.  Students opting out will be supervised in the Learning Commons .
*MOTOR BREAK and IN-SCHOOL BEHAVIORS - Please be mindful of the fact that other grades may be testing while your students have a motor break.  Motor breaks should be moved to the front of the building rather than the back.  Additionally, please remember that there will be students testing throughout the day, throughout different parts of the building so we are asking that everyone instruct students to act accordingly - act as if there is testing occurring in all rooms throughout the entire day. 

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