7th & 8th Grade Math Login Directions and Directions to Read to Students

Proctor Checklist for 7th & 8th Grade Math Testing

Students are using their Macbooks for testing.
Be sure pencils and scrap paper are on hand for math test.

Have each student log out of his / her machine and  turn his / her laptop around so the keyboard is facing away from them.

Tell students  they SHOULD NOT touch the computers until instructed to begin.

Then log into the test taker on each student machine selecting the student that will be taking the test.

Password: m3asur3

Do not give the password to students

Be patient the first time you login. It will take a few minutes for the software to load up.

The username and password should automatically log in.

If it does not you will need to type it in.
username: mamproctor
password: t!m3sup

Do not give the username and password to students.

Next you will need to select Mathematics from the drop down menu.

Then you will need to select Math Survey w/Goals 6+ Common Core V3.

Click Add. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Type in the student's last name and click Search.

the student from the list of students.
Now click Finish at the bottom of the page.


Keep the laptop turned around until all students are logged in and you have read the directions to students. 

Read verbatim “Students Directions for the Mathematics Test” to the students. This ensures that all students receive exactly the same information.When you are ready for students to begin testing have students turn their laptops around.

Circulate periodically to check that students are logged in to the correct test and to monitor progress.

Laptops should not have to be plugged in as the screensaver and sleep preferences have been changed on the student machines.

When students are finished with the test a score will appear.

Each student should raise a hand.

Then help the student continue logging out of the test.

Students should NOT print scores.

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